My name is Raheem Trafton I am a 28-year-old father; I have three beautiful daughters Amyra(8) Ra’Niyah(4) & Malaysia(2). Originally from Elizabeth City, NC until the age of 9, from there I reside in Columbus, OH Attended college for one year majoring in computer maintenance and networking, My passion for computers have slowed over the years as responsibility kicked in but I plan to continue my pursuit in the study further down the line. Having an opinion means nothing to my inner circle of friends but outside of my circle I have come to realize that there is someone always going through what you are and maybe worst. My blog is just my way of clearing my mind by expressing my point of view on various topics. My influence to start this blog was basic conversations with people on a day-to-day. I always use to say to myself, “How can 5 people watch the same lopsided fight and still be so confused on who the winner is”? Then I have to step outside of the box and realize that everyone is not looking at the same exact thing during the fight but then some things are predestined in people’s mind before the fight has even started. Well I am one of those watchers here to tell my side of the story. Any feedback is helpful I am very optimistic, open to new ideas and criticism.

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