Will Call of Duty: Ghost Surpass Its Predecessor?

Will Call of Duty: Ghost Surpass Its Predecessor?

1366823877_2124_ghostsThe call of duty franchise has been carrying the torch for first person shooter games for a while now but some things never change. The game lacks consistency with very minor changes each year while games such as halo and battlefield are constantly enhancing year after year. Infinity ward has its work cut out for them as servers, glitches and hackers are sure to keep them busy but the main reason we are here is to really find out what separates ghost from last year’s black ops 2. Let’s see what’s new on ghost

COD: Ghost focuses mainly on customization. Create-A-Soldier will allow users to change their characters physical appearance even being able to decide the gender. Players can create up to 10 soldiers that can be used to compete in the new Squads mode. Your squad will challenged whether you’re on or offline, earning rewards including experience for competing. Players can set defensive options for their squad which can be managed offline; modes will feature solo, competitive and co-op options. Ghosts will introduce a new Marksman Rifle class that will combine sniper and assault rifle with flexible firing rates and sight options.wlwallpapercc

Ghost includes the pick 10 we became familiar with in Black Ops 2, where you have 10 points to spend on your loadout class of various combinations of gear, perks and weapons. Perks will use points now. Each perk has a set point value between 1-5 with 8 points allowed per loadout.

Black Ops 2 raked in $1 billion in 15 days. Ghost is said to have sold over $1 billion from retail stores around the world in just one day. Activision has not announced official consumer sales figures yet, but ghost is looking to the biggest release of the holidays, while next-gen consoles are right around the corner. With the sales numbers at an all-time high, I’m still not convinced that ghost has made the tremendous changes needed to make it the best first person shooter game of its time or even the best of the franchise. Loyal fans will be tied down for the next few months with nothing more to think about than your transformation to your next-gen console. Overall it’s something new but nothing exciting.


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