Daily Prompt: Close Call

Tell us about a bullet you’re glad you dodged — when something awful almost happened, but didn’t.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CLOSE.



Pulling out the parking garage of the movie theater after catching the midnight premiere of The Purge, I’m debating whether I should take the street or the freeway; freeway it is. I get onto I-71 S and immediately I regret it, police are everywhere patrolling the speed limit because of the freeway being built for our new casino causing a slug style 40 mph one lane hold up for just a handful of cars. Slowly but surely the “end of road work” sign brings a smile to my face as the once single lane is now a full four lanes. I zoom past the car in front of me and merge onto I-70 E which is a two lane merge going into a half circle, the car behind me tries to pass me while the two lanes are merging together. A accident waiting to happen if you ask me, I slow down to let them pass as we go around the half circle with a bit of road rage on my mind. Once we get around, the speed limit turns to 65 mph so I step on the gas till I reach about 70 mph catching up to the impatient car; now I’m in the far left lane with “the transporter” to my right, we are side by side with a curve around a declining hill about a mile ahead. I apply more pressure to the pedal until I’m around 75 mph as if I was racing, we speed around the bin and to our right on the end of the hill are two police cars with one of them holding a radar gun. I let off the gas staring into the rearview mirror an here comes a police car closing in behind mr impatient, the police lights come on at the same time the officer is changing lanes directly behind me. I’m scared, I’m nervous and I don’t have a license, I slow down preparing myself for the consequences ahead of me and just like that mr impatient gets behind me right in front of the police car now I’m realizing it’s that I’m not the one getting pulled over. I continue home doing 60 mph all the way, talk about a close call.


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