Disappointing End To The Ohio State Buckeyes Season


Waking up with a pounding headache I’m glad it was just a dream, but it seemed so real. 23 straight wins ended by a Spartans team who would show the Buckeyes why 24 in a row just wasn’t happening. I reach over grab the remote and turn on the tv, “the Michigan State Spartans are your 2013 Big Ten Champions and are going to the Rose Bowl”, changes channel “The streak comes to an end as the Spartans defeat the Buckeyes” Turns off TV.

As a Buckeye fan I could appreciate a hard fought lost with players leaving it all on the field but my buckeyes looked like they had never been to a big ten championship before. Braxton Miller was not his usual elusive self and passing was average as his receivers only made his job harder. Carlos Hyde showed his power and determination to fight for the extra yard, but lets not take anything away from Michigan State playing the great defense as they have all year. Just the fact that our struggling defense let the spartans run all over us breaking tackles left and right and converting 3rd downs every trip. One of my main complaints as I yelled at the tv was ‘why are their so many spartan receivers wide open?’, am I the only person who witnessed this, even when they weren’t wide open I couldn’t help but notice the buckeyes letting them catch the ball then tackling instead of preventing the spartan receivers from catching the ball at all. Buckeye zone defense was horrible as well, I couldn’t help but think the buckeyes practiced at all.

Overall the spartans did what no other team could do for almost 2 years and thats give us a lost, hats off to Shazier hopefully he returns for his senior year which i highly doubt. Looking forward to the bowl game to see how Ohio State recovers from this devastating lost which could of sent the buckeyes to the national championship against a undefeated Florida State team. You win some, you lose some but you move on at the end of the day. Congrats to Urban Meyer on a great first two years, this upcoming bowl game will determine whether the defensive staff of the buckeyes get rearranged next year.


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