Why I Started Blogging

My first thoughts of having a blog came to me as an outlet to release emotions bottled up from everyday problems I continue to have. I see it as a part of adulthood since I always had my mom to vent to about my problems and she seems to have the right answer to everything. Just recently I was forced to make a decision of moving out of my mom’s house and getting an apartment with my girlfriend, this was a big step for both of us. Even with my mom just being a phone call away it’s my personal choice to not rely on her every time I need a life coach, now I put the pressure on my girlfriend, the speechless woman. The key for me expressing myself is not to sit down and talk your ear off for fifteen minutes or so, but it’s for the listener to actually listen and give their personal opinion and insight. That is not the case; however, I find it hard to relate with someone if you haven’t experienced the situation for yourself. Next I begin to search for the solution using my best friend Google; this is where things became interesting. I would search “why me” and slowly scroll through the results opening multiple tabs due to the wide selection. Reading what other people were going through made my problems seem like paradise, the shock would come when I’d come across a problem or question exactly like mines. I’m thinking ‘I’m not the only one’; along with that there are plenty of comments from people expressing their thoughts and opinions. Here is where blogging starts to enter my mind, not only can I release those bottled up emotions but I can give my personal opinion on just about anything I want. My blog is still in the beginning stages, I’m currently trying to learn the way of a blogger. The hardest thing for me right now is transitioning the circle of thoughts in my head into words readable for visitors, minor problems include adding a Facebook share button, getting more likes and comments, blog topics and finding out what people want to know. I ask of my visitors and bloggers to comment any help on these problems and suggestion on how I can make my blog better.


2 thoughts on “Why I Started Blogging

  1. We all have something to say that can be of inspiration to others and therapeutic to ourselves at the same time. It’s good to see that you took the risk and started writing. In my opinion, you’re doing very fine. I’ve read that daily writing is the best way to develop the art.


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