Xbox One: Information Guide

The final next-gen console is set to be release in less than 24 hrs, the Xbox One one week after the PlayStation 4 was released. Lines are sure to be wrapped around the corner with eager fans waiting to get there hands on this next gen console, but lets forget all the hype and focus on the good, the bad and the ugly side of the Xbox one. This guide will lead you to any questions you may have and everything you need to know before you start emptying your wallet spending the Thanksgiving and Christmas money on this $499 piece of heavy duty machinery.

Midnight Release 11/22/2013

Midnight Release 11/22/2013

Xbox One Articles

Updated 11/22/2013

Updated 11/23/2013

Updated 11/29/2013

Updated 12/9/2013

The Xbox One is near its one year anniversary. A lot has changed since the release of the next-gen console so I revised the information guide below to keep you updated with the most recent changes and news about the worlds favorite console.

Updated 9/28/2014

Updated 1/10/2016

I will be updating this information throughout the year, hope this one stop shop Xbox One information guide is helpful.

Playstation 4: Information Guide


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