2016 NBA Playoff Predictions

CivgrAZWEAEC94FWestern Conference Finals

³Oklahoma City Thunder vs ¹Golden State Warriors

Game 1: Oklahoma City Thunder 108-102

Game 2: Golden State Warriors

Game 3: Golden State Warriors

Game 4: Oklahoma City Thunder

Game 5: Golden State Warriors

Game 6: Golden State Warriors

4-2 Golden State Warriors to the finals

Eastern Conference Finals

²Toronto Raptors vs ¹Cleveland Cavaliers

Game 1: Cleveland Cavaliers 115-84

Game 2: Cleveland Cavaliers

Game 3: Toronto Raptors

Game 4: Cleveland Cavaliers

Game 5: Cleveland Cavaliers

4-1 Cleveland Cavaliers to the finals


NBA Finals

¹Golden State Warriors vs ¹Cleveland Cavaliers

Game 1: Cleveland Cavaliers

Game 2: Golden State Warriors

Game 3: Cleveland Cavaliers

Game 4: Cleveland Cavaliers

Game 5: Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron does it again …. #LakerNation

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Playstation 4: Information Guide


Your one stop shop for all information about sony playstation 4 including system updates, games, latest news and future sony products for the year 2016 and beyond


I will be updating this information throughout the year, hope this Playstation 4 information guide was helpful.

Xbox One: Information Guide

Events for Kids In Columbus Ohio

For parents looking to get their kid(s) out the house for some fun, excitement and family time. Here is a list of upcoming events happening in central ohio.



  • CATCO is Kids: Elephant and Piggie’s We Are In a Play! Get ready for a musical experience ripped from the pages of Mo Willems’ beloved, award-winning, best selling children’s books that will leave audiences doing the “Flippy Floppy Floory” dance all night long! January 15-24 Adults $15 Kids $10 More Info (Columbus Area)


  • Disney on Ice – Let’s Celebrate It’s one colossal party on ice, with all your favorite Disney friends at Disney On Ice presents Let’s Celebrate! Presented by YoKids Organic Yogurt. February 3-7 Tickets start at $20 More Info (Nationwide Arena/Downtown Columbus)
  • Kids Dream Winter Film Series
    Join us Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays At 10 a.m. February 5 – March 20 to view your favorite family flicks for just $3.00! Concessions Specials: $2.75 Popcorn and Fountain Drinks More Info (Columbus & Pickerington Area)

Xbox One: Information Guide

The final next-gen console is set to be release in less than 24 hrs, the Xbox One one week after the PlayStation 4 was released. Lines are sure to be wrapped around the corner with eager fans waiting to get there hands on this next gen console, but lets forget all the hype and focus on the good, the bad and the ugly side of the Xbox one. This guide will lead you to any questions you may have and everything you need to know before you start emptying your wallet spending the Thanksgiving and Christmas money on this $499 piece of heavy duty machinery.

Midnight Release 11/22/2013

Midnight Release 11/22/2013

Xbox One Articles

Updated 11/22/2013

Updated 11/23/2013

Updated 11/29/2013

Updated 12/9/2013

The Xbox One is near its one year anniversary. A lot has changed since the release of the next-gen console so I revised the information guide below to keep you updated with the most recent changes and news about the worlds favorite console.

Updated 9/28/2014

Updated 1/10/2016

I will be updating this information throughout the year, hope this one stop shop Xbox One information guide is helpful.

Playstation 4: Information Guide

Top 10 Rappers of ALL TIME

So it comes up in every barbershop, school cafeteria, hood barbecue, smoke session, simple debates with loved ones and friends. And it’s “Who are the best rappers of ALL TIME”? Now I know you’re expecting me to make a list .. but here’s where I’ll leave it to you all .. After enough feedback, I’ll provide my top 10 list … Annnnnnnnd GO!


Making Money Online With InboxDollars

Screenshot_2014-09-27-09-51-20-1First question you ask yourself is, can I really make money online? well the answer is Yes! Companies are constantly looking for different people from all over to try their products and services, and give feedback. Using InboxDollars you will see your money grow in due time, I’ve been using InboxDollars for about 2 weeks now and I have already made $22.76

I know what your thinking, that’s it! But where can you make 20 dollars just sitting around on your phone? Exactly! here is some information below to help you with any questions you may have about InboxDollars.

  • InboxDollars is NOT a scam – InboxDollars was founded in 2000 and is an Inc. 5000 company the pays you and offers proven results to their advertising partners.
  • Getting Paid – You can request payment once you reach $30, via check (Gold Members can request payment on Visa Cash Reload Card). It takes 10-16 days to cycle through the verification process before a payment can be issued.
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Now that’s the typical advertising…personally i have found success by using these 5 options

Screenshot_2014-09-27-09-52-10-1InboxDollar Search– Using this search engine allows you to earn .1 cent for every two searches with a limit of .15 cents a day, as a bonus you earn .5 for searching 4 days out of the week (Gold Members earn .10 cents)



Paid Emails– I am sent about 2-3 emails a day which require you to do nothing but click the purple “Confirm This PaidEmail”  link at the bottom


Screenshot_2014-10-21-13-04-46Downloading Apps– You are offered apps to download and open with various price earnings, pretty simple an easy. I download, open and immediately uninstall.



Screenshot_2014-10-21-13-05-54-1Surveys– Now this by far is the hardest with the most payout opportunities. Most surveys lead you to believe you already qualify then after answer several questions you are told you don’t, on the other hand, when you do qualify its worth it


Screenshot_2014-10-21-13-05-20-1Offers-When it comes to offers be sure to read carefully, I myself do not pay for NOTHING. The tip to success here is “free trial”, for example; the Hulu offer is a 7 day free trial that requires your credit card information but to not be charged you must cancel the membership before the trial ends. I personally prefer you cancel after the 4th day.






Screenshot_2014-10-17-04-13-59-1I have reached the minimum request payment amount ($30) and there is a $3.00 processing fee. You are given the option to have the fee waived if you continue onto $40 but for proof that Inboxdollars is legit I have requested payment and will be sure to post my earnings when received…. (Note) I assumed I would automatically become a gold member once I requested my first payment but within the processing period I must stay active and wait until payment is received before i can become a gold member. Also for requesting I was given a payment bonus instantly of $3.00 and offered to take a very short survey about my experience with Inboxdollars for $2.00





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